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Oak is one of the most popular species for hardwood flooring as it is a very hard, heavy, open-grained wood with prominent rings and large pores that allow it to stain well in any color.
Finished in smooth or wire brushed which gives floors that aged, distressed look. Finoak is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses & surface finishes with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Wood Grading

Each tree is unique and different parts of the same tree produce different surface textures and appearances. We import 3 grades of flooring Clear, Nature and Rustic. The Clear grade is selected from the fine grain wood found around the center core of the log where there are no knots, each tree produces fewer clear grade planks. Nature grade natural character has both dark and light variations with a visible increase in knots and pinholes. Rustic grade is manufactured from the outer parts of the core where branches attach and is full of character and visibly more knotty.

Wood Finish

Smooth planks are finished with a fine sand paper that closes the pores and grain. Smooth finishes are inclined to show dents and scratches. Best suited for use in sitting and formal dining areas with low foot traffic. Brushed planks are rough wire brushed with long strokes to accentuate the grain of the wood and leave the grain of the planks open to absorb the surface treatment and stain.

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  • Spills should be wiped off as soon as possible
  • Jax Cleaner is recommended to try and remove spill stains.
  • Jax Touch-up Markers or Brummer’s Wood Filler mixed with Oleum is great for filling scratches and nicks.
  • Always test a sample of the Jax Oleum colour on the wood being used. Different timbers and batches of timber affect the colour differently.
  • If too much Jax Oleum has been applied and left to dry before the excess has been wiped off, leaving a shiny and tacky finish. Follow this process:
    • With diluted Jax Cleaner and a maroon pad, buff all the excess coating off
    • Wipe the surface with a clean cloth and allow to dry
    • Apply another coat of Jax Oleum and wipe the excess off after a few minute

1. Sweep or vacuum the floor daily and keep as dirt free as possible.
2. After the oil has fully cured ±14 days, use diluted Jax Wax Cleaner to clean the floor with a damp (not wet) micro fibre mop. Avoid using too much water as this may eventually damage the floor.
3. Apply Jax Maintenance Oil annually or when the wood is looking a little dry, provided a varnish has not been applied.
4. Do not leave liquid spills for any extended time on oiled floors.
5. For high-traffic flooring and to reduce maintenance, apply 2K Matt Varnish 24 hours after oiling. A minimum of 2 coats are required, but 3 to 4 coats are recommended for high traffic areas.
Black Forest laminate flooring

In line with latest European trends the Black Forest laminate flooring collection is manufactured in a large OVERSIZED plank providing a more natural appearance and experience. The 12mm thickness makes this floor quiet underfoot; with great sound absorption properties. Black forest is the ideal choice for high trafficked commercial environments. Black forest collection is scratch, stain and fade resistant. With a patented Välinge 5G click system the flooring is easy to install and the high joint strength decreases the risk of joints opening or squeaking.

Authentic herringbone laminate

Authentic herringbone laminate offers all the design options of a solid wood floor, with all the benefits of laminate. Laminates are easy to install, hardy, antistain, scratch and impact resistant. Our herringbone laminate flooring is 12mm thick making it quieter underfoot with a painted v-groove and realistic photo prints that look like a solid wood. The true to life wood grain is an exceptional replica of the real wood, without having the environmental impact of real wood.

AGT - Effect

EFFECT is the new affordable 10mm commercial laminate flooring range from AGT. With a unique 3D embossed in register surface finish that realistically mimics the wood grain pattern into the planks. For a more natural and realistic wood finish, that you can see and touch. Experience the naturally enhanced nature of wood with the Effect laminate flooring range.


Inovar Laminates offer the latest in colour and design, in line with current and contemporary decor trends. Inovar Floor complies to the highest European EN performance standards, using the latest in German technology. Rigorous quality testing ensures exceptional quality is maintained throughout the product. The healthy choice for your family. Inovar’s completely sealed, nonporous surface does not contribute to the growth of micro-organisms, dust-mites and promotes an environment free of allergens - especially for children.

Diamond Tiles

This innovative product uses the best of vinyl technology to create an easy to install, durable and long-lasting floor, perfectly suited to contractors and developers. These industrial grade tiles are slip-resistant, and have superb acoustic qualities surpassing requirements in international testing. Perfect for commercial and industrial applications.

Coral Surface Finish

The Coral surface is the rough textured finish you can feel when you run your hand over the surface, this is to increase the slip and abrasion resistance

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